A super hero story

AirBnB review has a limit character when you want to give a very long review. Since I cannot tell all my story the way I want, here it is.

This is by far the most special AirBnb place we ever stayed in. Let me tell you our story.

We planed a 2 weeks trip on the East cost of Australia. 
We went to Sydney, Brisbane, Fraser, going from good AirBnB to very good AirBnB places, and finished our last 4 days in Cairns.

We started off in Jessie and Daniel house.
We were all ready a very happy couple when we arrived, since our trip went so amazingly well. We saw Daniel for the first time through the window of our car, coming up the hill in Smithfield. He was sweaty and in a middle of a work around the garden.
He immediately introduce us to the house. The place is stunning.

It’s the highest house in Smithfield, all in wood, in the middle of nature and in total harmony with it. 
The place is build on 3 floors, each of them is very roomy, letting so much light and so much air in. You immediately feel good. The kitchen on the first floor is huge and if you like to cook, you’ve got everything you need to. It’s totally open and gives access to the wonderful first patio.

Then Daniel lead us to our bedroom on the top floor. Words aren’t enough to describe the beauty of the space. The bed opens on the splendid patio, where you will find the charming shower and toilet. The view takes over all the valley, and you instinctively fell like the king of the jungle.

Last but not least, you will see the two dogs living there. I think I’ve never seen so lovely and happy dogs as these 2. If you’re not not a dog people, no worry, they live outside. But if you’re in dogs, you will feel all the happiness and love from them.

The two things that you detect in the first seconds talking with Daniel, is that he is a hard working men and that he is humougously in love with his wife. When you listen to him, it seems he met her the day before.
If you feel a bit of the raw side of Daniel, please, please don’t stop your opinion on that. Scratch just a tiny bit and you’ll discover the lighthouse of the men.

Daniel helped answering all of our question on the first day. He also knows all the secret and most beautiful spots in the valley. The wonderful walks to do, the non touristic beaches, and so on.

On the second day, Daniel took time on his work, and lent us his kayak, life jackets and all the equipment so we could enjoy a beautiful time on the sea.
We were leaving the afternoon of the same day.
We left the kayak on Daniel’s truck and took our rent car back to Daniel place. On our way, we decided to stop by the supermarket to buy muffins before going to our new hotel, 2 hours from there.

I was driving, and on the last crossroads, a car hit us at high speed on the front left.

The chock was horrific and I saw the car coming to us one second before, like in a road safety ad. I never screamed of fear so much in my life. The car was totally destroy but, thankfully, my wife only got a few bad bruises.
But we were totally chock.

So the first image I remember was the car hitting ours.
The second image I remember is seing in slow motion the airbags bursting in the car.
The third image we both have, my wife and I, is us getting out of the car, totally traumatized, looking around us, with people all ready coming to us to help.

And in the middle of these people, seing Daniel rushing to us.

The image is so strong. What was the chances that Daniel could be in the same neighborhood ? That was the moment we knew Daniel was a super hero. Our super hero.

He stopped working and stayed with us all the time, he met us at the hospital, took us back to his place the same afternoon, offered us his place for the next 2 days, canceled the rest of our trip for us, help us with the car assurance on the phone (with such talent on the phone). Even more, he made us laugh and helped cook diner.
The next day he asked me if I knew how to drive a manual car. I said yes and he instantly lent us his car.

This is unbelievable. The trust he put in me, stupid guy who just crashed a car, is above every proof of trust I can think off.

On the day we left, Daniel propose us to go on a walk with his 2 dogs at the top of the hill using a path just going out of the house. It was a simple walk with my wife and 2 dogs, but it was one of these magic moments you cannot explain. A blend of simplicity, happiness, and love.

Voila. This is our story at this very special place with this very special men.
If you go there, you will find in the kitchen, written on the cupboard door by Daniel “100 000 reasons why my wife is awesome“.
Well, after only a few days with Daniel, we can easily find 100 000 reasons why Daniel is awesome. Starting by the one’s that you can find in this text.

I really hope we will cross Daniel again. This time with his wife.
The place we were deserve a Gold AirBnB medal. But the guy deserve an even bigger medal. He’s one of a kind and very rare.

Finally I was so moved to see my wife crying a bit in the plane back home, thinking about Daniel.
One of the most special thing, is knowing that Daniel is such a lovely, generous and kind person we ever met, and that he doesn’t know it himself.
I think this experience would never happened if it hadn’t be an airBnB location. And in the end, more than the superb place you discover, it’s all about the people you discover.

To our lighthouse, to our super hero, thanks again Daniel.

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