Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

I agree on streaming services take on TV. This is 2015. 2016 and follow will see to directions: content owners/franchises will cut the way directly to the screens: NFL, NBA, Premier League, HBO, et all are short to release their own apps on smart TVs and Apple TV etc. So content is king again but distribution hasn’t been easier and cheaper than today. You don’t have to build an smartphone to be dominant as Slack or facebook. Streaming movies and tv series, the main business of Netflix, is commodity in 2016 the same music streaming is already. So Netflix needs to be valued as a studio not as a tech company. What owning a franchise means we have seen in Disney and Star Wars which doubled its stock prices since the deal was signed. Beating TV station is a Phyrrus victory for Netflix while its defeat to Amazon, Apple and later on Google/YouTube is already on the horizon.

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