The calm before the storm

I’ve recently been engulfed with Angular 2 and have not got the chance to write much (or at all for that matter) even though I previously made a New Year’s resolution to do so! I did make a conscious effort to try, however I found myself spending FAR too much time editing these articles to make sure that they are “perfect”, a dilemma I often face when publishing different content. As a result of this, I decided to put my blog on the back burner and work on a ton of Angular 2 material :)

During this time, I realized that the whole purpose of a personal blog is not having to worry about these types of things. It’s my own safe-haven where people can go to hear my opinion on different technology if they feel so inclined. I’m going to write like no-one’s watching. I’m going to let it flow. And boy am I excited.

Stay tuned :)