How To Get Rid Of Obstacles And Take Your Career To The Next Level

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As humans, we always try to change our beat our high scores and try to improve ourselves, whether it is in a sport or in building a stronger relationship with someone. Simultaneously we are also a race of conformists. By this, I mean that we like to have things the easy way. We love having routines. No one likes sudden change. I myself used to be like that, but in the past few years, I have vigorously tried to move away from the comfort zone.

The importance of this is a great one. If you want to become successful, you have to realize that you must obtain a few successful habits. But before we can do so, it is even more important to remove our old/ bad habits we’ve been living with our entire life.

In order to get some new habits, try to think around your obstacles, preventing you from changing. For instance, if you want to start working out but you don’t have the money to buy a new membership and are afraid of the people at the gym looking much better than you, and you have no clue where to begin, try a different approach.

Losing Weight

Start by researching the cheapest or more convenient gym. Then move on to maybe a trial session or invite someone to go along with you. Better yet, change your eating habits first, so you get used to feeling healthier.

Step by Step

Now that you’ve broken the cycle, you can take the same approach with all your obstacles, and you will see bit by bit, your life will virtually flip over. I’ve realized in the past that I often lost interest fairly quick when things got too hard. My new approach is to read things over and over until I get it. If I still struggle, I go on to find previous examples or results to try and get an idea and move on from there.

If all else fails, I ask for help and usually get a good suggestion. I used to be slightly afraid of asking stupid questions and looking dumb in front of company. A lot of people we’re the reason behind this feeling as they made me feel foolish and laughed at my questions. Therefore I kept to myself in a situation of uncertainty and let me tell you it is a horrible feeling to have.

Luckily I’ve grown stronger and face trial and error. Nothing can be that terrifying that once you make a mistake it can’t be redeemed. I mean, after all most successful entrepreneurs had thousands of trial and error phases in their lives. Why shouldn’t we go through this?

Avoiding Bad Energy

When I say ‘Energy’, I’m not referring to some mystical aura that’s haunting us at night. What I mean by that term, is people putting you down or demeaning your thoughts and ideas. A lot of times people tell you off for trying new thing, for several reasons:

They are jealous of your effort
They wish they could change but don’t have the guts
They tried changing and failed
They don’t want you to succeed

Trust me with these because even close friends and family will do this. It might not be intentional, and they might not even mean it in a harmful way. Often parents don’t want you to fail and suffer. But they forget that a wealthy lifestyle doesn’t come by living an ordinary life.

Where to Look For Support?

Look for like-minded people. That is the best way not only to change habits but also improve your lifestyle and feel confident. It will also be a great way to share ideas and have someone to depend on when ten people tell you, you can’t do it.

Life is a mystery and while we’re all working our through it, it often throws us in a completely different direction than you expected.

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