Mike Pence, The Man Behind The Monster
Mallory Smyth

I grew up in a stable, middle class, Christian family. My parents are still together after 61 years. They didn’t drink or fight. Dad had a career; Mom was a housewife and mother. However, I didn’t learn how to be an adult or a citizen from them. I didn’t learn how to be a man from my father. I learned these things, instead, from culture, mainly through the media.

It’s true that I had to unlearn much- -and to do that on my own — but that’s another story. I have to take exception to your statements about family as fact. Sure, two parents are “better“ than one. But not always. Sure, most boys learn from their fathers how to be men. But not always. And girls learn self esteem from their fathers? What if he has none? These types of “facts” derived from studies are generalizations, and do not indicate causality. They are common, but not always true. Death, illness, poverty, neglect, other priorities, and many, many other life events and quirks of human nature can and do get in the way of the ideal family.

As far as the Pence thing goes, his rules for moral behavior are fine for a “regular” person. But he is not a regular person . He is in a position of power, and therefore his rules must be suspended as long as he is acting in that position. Otherwise, he is eliminating women from sharing that power.

Ideals are fine but must not be imposed where inappropriate.