Your choppy logic reveals a lack of understanding of how our election works- and an incredibly…
Memo Salazar

Wow, telling someone they are ignorant of how elections work then ranting through three paragraphs that show you have no understanding of how elections work. Like it or not the two party system works. What doesn’t work it lazy sanctimonious people who to tell us it doesn’t work and then they are the ones who keep it from working.

The reason why third party candidates can not win the White House is they have rabid followers and no coattails. What good does it do for Bernie, Jill, or Johnson to run for the White House? Even is by some miracle of epic proportion would allow them to win they would have zero ability to accomplish anything. Why? Because they have no down ticket support to fight for their agenda. Third parties refuse to fight to win statehouses, Governor’s mansions, or any other lower tier legislative offices. Until they expend the time and energy to create a legislative structure and legacy they will never be able to win the White House.

If your third party candidate has no chance of winning, or any chance of accomplishing anything then what are you accomplishing by voting for them? As Sasha pointed out in her reply you are only satisfying your own urge to be selfish. I would add your also fueling your own desire to feel superior to others. At least that is the impression you give in your diatribe you wrote in response to the article. Good luck with that. Their are real issues that need to be addressed in this election; bigotry, racism, sexism, filling Supreme Court vacancies, climate change, ISIS, the environment, the budget, the debt, expanding ObamaCare, and so many others. But if you feel the need to satisfy your own selfish desires go ahead, the Constitution gives you the right to do that.

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