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“A new study of Ohio’s 2011 restrictive abortion law has verified what many state abortion advocates suspected for years: Instead of protecting women’s health, as the law promised, it put women’s health at greater risk.

This law relied on federal drug standards from 2000 to inform 2011 instructions and dosage for the abortion pill mifepristone. Even though new research found that these outdated rules were no longer the safest for women, conservative Ohio lawmakers pushed the law forward. This law also made abortions more complicated and expensive to obtain.”

When the GOP say they are protecting a woman’s health with their anti-abortion laws and restrictions, they are lying. Just as they lie about voter fraud and the need for their array of voter suppression laws, or claim that man-made, carbon-based global warming is a hoax. The GOP and their candidates lie a lot as Romney did during his campaign and are now upstaged by Trump.

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