The hunt for any contact with the evil Russians continues.
Karl Rowley

Ha, you should be hoping that Trump makes it through his first year with the lowest approval ever. Try naming a single politician with so many ties to Russia and its corrupt, Putin-connected oligarchs who plunged Russia and destroyed its democracy.

Recall that Trump won by just 80,000 votes, lost the popular vote by 2.8 million, and won with just 24% of the electorate as 49% of Americans were too stupid, lazy, or unpatriotic to vote, and not counting the voter suppression at over 1.5 million votes that gave Trump the election with more impact that the Russian hacking and propaganda, and GOP FBI Dir. Comey interference in the election aiding Trump.

Try naming a single action so far taken by the GOP Congress, Trump, or the GOP-dominate SCOTUS that benefits the working class.

Let us guess: no college, no military service, no service to God or country.

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