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Pressed on what he would actually do for African-Americans, Trump said that he would “get jobs,” without elaborating. Trump also promised to bring “spirit” to African-Americans by being a “cheerleader.”

Trump’s argument ignores that the vast majority of African-Americans have jobs, health insurance and do not live in poverty.”

Trump is a bigot who has avoided black people and poverty all his spoiled life and began with his racist father who was arrested at a KKK rally and was a member of the racist John Birch Society (co-founded by the father of the Koch brothers), notice a GOP pattern?

Trump’s first business deals in the 1970’s included refusing to rent to blacks that resulted in a federal lawsuit among others for discrimination.

The way that Trump talks about black people and only to white audiences shows what a clueless, hypocritical, con man he is. The pro-rich, anti-poor, anti-worker, anti-environment, pro-war mongering, war-profiteering GOP has historically NEVER represented the working class and women and minorities even less.

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