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The GOP and Trump by pushing their fossil fuel anti-environment, anti-alternative energy agenda hurt America and the planet. Alternative energy jobs like solar and wind have produced far more jobs than fossil fuel and coal which only has 55,000 total jobs in America.

It also hurts the expansion of alternative and high tech jobs for the future as under the GOP America has allowed the Chinese to dominate solar panel manufacture that uncut US markets and killed US-supported companies like Solyndra which the GOP blamed Obama for.

The GOP sold out America and the planet’s future for money — the fossil fuel money from the likes of the Koch brothers that has fueled the GOP dominance in politics that help America and the working class which the GOP has historically NEVER represented.

So far, under the GOP Congress, under Trump and the pro-corporate GOP-dominate SCOTUS, NOTHING they have done actually benefits America or the working class but instead hurts them with rollbacks to environmental pollution and heath protections, rollbacks on consumer and financial protections, hurts veterans and those with college loans, etc.

The GOP are responsible for all the problems that plague the working class, the crippling National Debt below $800 billion through Carter, the stagnate wages, the vast gap between rich and poor, lack of access to healthcare, the damaged economy from greedy, corrupt Wall St. banksters, fossil fuel polluters, the jobs shipped overseas or to Mexico, and all the endless, unpaid-for GOP Middle East oil wars based upon lies and war-profiteering, oil access greed.

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