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The so-called “Tea Party” was indeed funded by the Koch brothers who gave us the political think tanks — Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action that spent over $500 million opposing the ACA, created ALEC their nationwide legislation-crafting organization, PACs, Superpacs like “Americans for Prosperity” (for the rich), etc., have donated over $400 million to campaigns, and many millions more in “dark money” who benefited most from the GOP’s Citizens United pro-corporation decision.

Soros contributes only a couple million and rarely to individuals, with no think tanks, no PACs, Superpacs, no ALEC, no bought politicians, and lax gun and environmental laws just the Open Society Institute that helps the poor, at-risk youth, and veterans. Soros does good in the world, the Kochs and teh Reich-wingers work mfor themselves and profit.