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Trump is a joke, a bad one at that. He cannot help himself. He is such a narcissistic, ego-driven, sociopath, he cannot tolerate criticism or insults and will retaliate. He reminds us of another self-obsessed, isolated, paranoid GOP leader Richard Nixon who wasted many hours figuring out ways to retaliate or screw his enemies both real or imagined as his hundreds of hours of White House tapes reveal. Whether, the media that has largely let Trump off on his tax returns, his slimy, ruthless business deals for entertainment, but now with only a couple months from the election the reality that Trump the least-qualified candidate is actually in the race for the presidency should be frightening to journalists and all Americans.

Try loving your country more than hating minorities or being needlessly afraid as the GOP are a greater threat to America than immigrants, minorities, or even terrorists.

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