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Trump is a national embarrassment and national nightmare, reality TV president who is daily confirming every bad thing sad about how unqualified, how clueless, how inexperienced, with the least foreign and domestic policy experience.

Recall that Trump came to national political attention as the primo racist birther or the father of “fake news” who maintained it for years after it was proven false. He began his campaign with paid supports at Trump Tower with a racist rant against Hispanics and he has insulted just about everybody since EXCEPT Putin who kills or jails his opponents, destroyed democracy in Russia, annexed Crimea, killed women and children in Allepo, bombed UN relief convoys, bombed hospitals, propped up Assad, and has undermined elections not just in America but in neighboring border states.

Recall how long it has taken Trump to even acknowledge that Russian was involved in US spying, hacking of the DNC and Clinton campaign and still never fully accepts that Putin favored his election. Recall how Trump still claims that his campaign staff never had contact with the Russians before and after his election even though there is taped evidence and a ongoing FBI, NSA, CIA investigation. And never forget the non-stop compulsive lying unlike any past president in modern memory.

Trump is likely to go down as worse that Nixon, Reagan, Bush-Cheney and all their corrupt acts and lasting harm to America and our democracy.

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