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“We have leaders who are saying irresponsible things, like we will have no more production on public lands,” Gardner said on Thursday. “It’s irresponsible, and I think anybody who refuses to reject statements like that are not fit for statewide office in Colorado and are not fit for federal office in Washington, D.C.”

Anybody that denies man-made, carbon-based global warming is just too dumb or partisan to consider and are not fit for office as global warming is a global threat those impact is already effecting millions and costing lives from drought and famine, to flooding, extra-strong hurricanes, wildfires, etc.

Recall how oily men Bush-Cheney allowed the big energy and chemical companies to literally write their own polluting regulations behind closed doors giving sweetheart deals to favorite’s like Koch Industries that wrote down millions in EPA-Clinton-era fines and Halliburton and their fracking natural gas given a free pass on the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and allowed to hide the contents of their toxic fracking fluid and toxic waste water being pump and re-pumped into over one million wells.

Bush-Cheney also corrupted the Mineral Management Service and were literally in bed with the oil producers that led to the BP-TransOcean, Halliburton Deepwater Horizon oil well blow out.

Bush-Cheney were corrupt to the very last as they were handing out cheap leases to oil and mining companies to drill and mine federal lands. Fortunately, Pres., Obama was able to stop these corrupt leases before they could go into effect.

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