Say yes to acupuncture and no to allergies in all seasons

Winters are on, and many can be seen with running nose, sneezing and watery, itchy eyes. These are some of the symptoms that can be found during a particular season or time of the year especially spring and fall. Countries across the globe apportion huge portion of their just fight against the seasonal allergies of one or other form that their people are suffering.

Now it is important to understand what exactly allergies are, in simple terms, it is an excessive reaction by the immune system of the human body against a substance that is harmless. The substance is known as an allergen and constitutes pollen, dust, ragweed, mites, certain chemical solutions or products and even the hair of the pet.

Probable reasons for allergies.

Allergies are caused partly for the reason of an increase in air pollution and coming in contact with the allergens. However, poor lifestyle contributes greatly towards it and is one of the reasons for allergies. Further, the acupuncture academy has found the effect of stress, lack of exercise, fatigue, vitamin or dietary deficiencies creates an unbalancing effect on the immune system and contribute towards the development of allergies.s

But it will not be true to say that allergies are confined to a particular season, rather it can be developed at any time around the year. The effect of allergies are different from different people, but the symptoms are more or less similar in most of the people and include difficulties in breathing, nasal congestion, and others. Further, the symptoms are accompanied by sinusitis, rashes or headaches, and there are cases where these will only indicate the allergies. The institutes providing acupuncture training in India broadly discuss all the symptoms that point to allergies of one or other form so that their students have knowledge of all possible reasons and cure the accordingly.

Acupuncture the most suitable solution for all kinds of allergies.

Acupuncture is counted as one of the best solutions to cure allergies of any and every kind. Scientifically many reasons are attributed to allergies, but as per traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture academies, the major reason behind allergies are a failure to adaptability and adjustment with the environment. If we consider the concept of organ and their functions, weakness of the lung and liver can better explain the allergic reactions.

Now the question arises, how acupuncture helps in curing the allergies of different types. It stimulates the energy of the lung and regulate the liver and aims to calm their excessive response. And in the cases where people lack symptoms the acupuncture treatment in Mumbai is carried out to balance and strengthen the identified disharmonies that are contributing to allergies. For allergies acupuncture treatment is considered therapeutic and preventive. Scholars in acupuncture academy suggest that patients should consult the therapist before season or development of the symptoms to ensure better results from the treatment.

Acupuncture treatment is largely focused on mitigating the symptoms to a great extent. Acupuncture can be performed in many ways like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and others. All you need to do is to make a good selection of the therapist who has received training and education from one of the best acupuncture academies.

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