The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody
Zat Rana

Brilliant…spot on! keep writing! The only suggestion is what Pressfield pointed out in The War of Art is that we do have a purpose that is unique and the Muse, Universe, God, Destiny, whatever name we want to give to the nameless will show up and allow the miraculous to occur, provided we do the work…miracles do happen…or at least those things that are clearly ‘beyond formula’ or as Einstein called..’Spooky occurrences at a distance’. Also, to paraphrase Steve Jobs, “My time is limited, I am not wasting it living someone else’s life. I will not let the thoughts and opininons of others drown out my own inner voice….” Or as Alan Watts indicated (to piggy-back off your ‘nobody’ propostition)… “The more you realize you are nothing the more the something you will be.” Life is a constant struggle between the voluntary and the involuntary, the conscious and the subconcious, the way to excel is to understand both…Best!

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