The 2 Mental Shifts Highly Successful People Make
Benjamin P. Hardy

Was with till we got to the marriage part and you experienced a major breakdown. Marriage counsellors pulled this one on me…I almost took the bait…we can only control ourselves…we can’t control others. Marriage is a PARTNERSHIP. Once one of the partners quits…it’s over! In short, it takes TWO to make it work. It takes one to mess it up! Once one of the ‘team’ decides to no longer invest…IT’S OVER. Why not read, Napoleon Hill’s ‘Outwitting the Devil’ and see his treatment of why one cannot overcome the negativity of a broader and larger ‘field’? Nice try…that thinking only leads the one who tries to hang in there to feel guilt because it was his/her ‘fault’ and to perpetuate the misfiring of a relationship that is dead…If you are going to base this on physics, why not mention the fact that a positive field can NEVER enter a negative field and maintain the same energy level. The fault will be in the one who decides to STAY in an unhealthy relationship. Your logic would tell an abused spouse that it was his/her fault that the other was abusive…really? Again, nice article…big jolt with this issue…