A Review of My Custom Leather Jacket from Independence Brothers

Me wearing my jacket!

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted a nice leather jacket. I grew up watching dark sci-fi tales like Blade Runner and Akira, and the most badass characters always seemed to have a badass leather jacket. Even before I developed an interest in fashion, I wanted a leather jacket, yet I’ve never owned one. To be honest, I've always faced decision paralysis; there were so many different brands and styles to choose from, and considering the relatively high price of leather goods (there’s a reason why many call leather jackets “investments), I didn’t feel comfortable picking one. What if it wasn’t versatile enough? What if it goes out of style?

After a few years of enthusiastically reading fashion blogs, watching SLP runway shows, and perusing daily “WAYWT” threads, I decided to finally purchase one. With the help of google and a recommendation from a friend, I picked a small made-to-measure leather jacket company called Independence Brothers.

I contacted the company’s founders and told them that I wanted something as close to a Saint Laurent Paris double moto as possible. They obliged, and after sending them my measurements, they assured me that my jacket was in production. That was around a month ago, and I’ve now had my jacket for a few days. Here are my first impressions:

The Look

The look is 10/10. They managed to replicate the example pictures I sent them with astounding detail. The placement of the pockets, zippers, and embellishments is nothing short of perfect. The YKK zippers look great, and the various metal adornments have a great finish.

The Measurements

I was scared to send in my own measurements, but the jacket fits really well. They matched my measurements with 10/10 accuracy (I measured the jacket again once I received it), but the fit is 9/10, since I measured my sleeves about half an inch too short. The jacket still looks great, and I’ve been assured by all my friends that the sleeve length isn’t noticeable, but I would up my sleeve measurement by about an inch next time. I have to give props to Independence Brothers here because I specifically asked them to taper the sleeves to a specific length (due to my freakishly small wrists), and they did it flawlessly.

The Quality

I don’t know much about leather quality, but I’d say it’s 9/10. The lamb skin is soft and substantial, the finish has a nice sheen, and after wearing it around for a few days it isn’t developing any tears or “weak spots”.


In conclusion, I’m really satisfied with my jacket! For someone with an extremely slim body type like myself, getting a made to measure jacket at such an affordable price ($350) is awesome. If you’re interested in purchasing a jacket of your own, you can learn more about your options at Independence Brothers website.

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