Homeless Students Struggle in the Shadows
Sadies Céng

Hey I’m homeless, because I don’t want to waste my time working at a worthless job cooking chicken. I don’t want to go the college money printing machine and create hyper inflation. I don’t want to live in some zombie house after a mortgage meltdown that the hackers are paying for and no body knows who’s living in or owns the place. But the mortgage swap owner is getting his premium, probably from some of the 100 billion dollar chunck that hackers stole just to give it right back. phone call please?!!…!!?? I will not submit to their scarcity trap. I don’t want to waste my time, when I could be learning on the internet, taking classes on youtube and MOOCs the internet is faster than most colleges. Anything else is just a shortcut. college, abandoned houses, useless jobs, soon to be worthless money. And if there are enough good people who are knowledgeable and embrace technology not taking shortcuts, I am sure someone somewhere will find a good place for us, ten times better than silicon valley. Homeless people along the palestinian river in london were sent in ships to colonize america trying to get to india. will that happen again when we colonize the ocean, or space? We may have nothing but you cant take that away, the will to invent, and learn, and do. And if I can’t do those things, at least I can pretend to…

I believe in bitcoin though and am accepting any donations at this bitcoin address 16For8aCX4J7mx36UnkQdJubarmwoxBvTH

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