Talk To An Angel — For Real? PART II

Question and Assignment

[Part I]

“WONDER IF YOU COULD TALK TO AN ANGEL, FOR REAL? What questions would YOU ask? Broad or specific, general or personal.

Together, let’s create a list of those questions right here. Okay, let’s start! What is your question to the angel? Post as many as you’d like but just one at a time. The more the merrier!”

* * *

When I asked that question on my Facebook timeline (June 5), I wasn’t at all sure where I was going with it. My hope was that I could motivate people to stop and consider what, indeed, would they ask if they were talking to a real angel. When we go to that special place of inquiry, we invoke a tenderness of being within ourselves. We discover an internal wonderland within because of our search for inspiration from on high. There is a beautiful vulnerability that reveals, for a fragile and lovely moment, our soul. Heart in mouth, so to speak.

This can be subtle. Even so, that fleeting moment is significant. It is a window infrequently opened. Even if we pray or meditate, we can lose the personal experience of real hope and unfettered seeking. Our work is to first become cognizant of that shimmering moment and not call it ‘small,’ not call it ‘nothing.’ Then we learn to hold that window open. And maybe, just maybe, we feel a wafting breeze … and, somehow, it cools our fevers, caresses our aching heart. Like the breath of an angel. But, that is another story for another time. [Journey to the Heart and Our Labor of Love — Living Straight from Your Own Shining Soul]

In the last issue, I explained how moved I was by the love generated by spirit when speaking through me (as a trance channel). And why that changed me. How it changed my relationship to people. Big time. It altered my experience of that wonderful and mysterious alchemy within that we call love. A word of such poignancy and promise.

But, of course, it is not merely a word, it is a work. And, it is always because of our relationship with something outside of us, beyond our Self. It is a work both external and internal. It is our labor, our labor of love. Folks, that is why we reincarnated! That is why you reincarnated.

Think back to that moment when you searched for the questions you wished to ask of the angel. It is at that moment that you paused rote thinking, surrendered to the possibilities, and allowed yourself to wonder.

Wonder if I could talk to an angel — for real!? What would I ask? Perhaps you would like to take a moment right now and ask yourself, what would be my second question to that angel? But now put your attention into slow motion. Observe yourself as you — for real — suspend all noise and the malarky of a cynical mind, as you feel both the quest and question within your heart. Perhaps you would like to record the moment and write some notes about your experience.

Okay, here goes. I have no idea what’s going to happen nor do I have any sense of any answers. By intention, (a) I have not reread the questions since posted and (b) I am not focusing on the person, the soul, asking the question. Whereas, if I was in a trance for spirit, Dr. Peebles would be looking closely at the soul of the person asking the question and responding in kind.

I am going into a light active meditation. In the doing, I am recalling my internal trance experience of those magical years. In slow motion. Let’s just see what happens:

Question # 1 posted in reply to my Facebook June 5 question:

What [a] was my intention for this life’s experience and [b] how can I best receive angels’ guidance?

My Response [as very much a non-angel]: You have fulfilled much of your soul’s intention already! Have fun. Light a candle and tap a chime or bell. Turn around and around, then sit in relaxed reflection.

Now call on the spirit that loves you and guides you. How? Speak aloud, in full voice. Pray to God (or whatever your Divine name) and pray to Spirit. Ask them (aloud) to come to you. They may already be there, but now, in the asking aloud, you have changed your chemistry a tad, just a wee bit more vulnerable.

Your assignment is to be in praise of yourself

Your Self — a spirit who chose to incarnate into this life. Time, place, parents, and environs. Your Self, a soul who agreed to return to this beautiful but difficult school called Earth. Your Self, who is here to learn from your echos off the cliffs of life. This, to learn of the Divine seed within and your unlimited creative power therein.

Using whatever writing instruments and papers you wish, begin a ‘never-ending’ list of:

  • Moments of personal growth and insight. (Some of which occurred because of or through failure. Thus spirits’ instruction, “There is no death, only change. There is no failure, only growth.”)
  • Moments of joy within a celebration of life.
  • Moments you found yourself transfixed with wonder.
  • Moments of personal healing. Healing of your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Moments of healing others. You know it, you saw it in their eyes and you heard it in their words. Your inspiration to others, your encouragement of others, your care expressed to others.
  • Moments wherein personal ‘failure’ opened new doorways.
  • Moments of personal patience and perseverance.
  • Moments of ‘good faith.’
  • Moments of courage.
  • Moments of your sacrifice in service to another and others.
  • Moments of both personal and professional success.
  • Moments of creative accomplishment.
  • Moments where you dared to be yourself and stand to be counted. You risked rejection and overcame feelings of inadequacy.
  • Moments of intimacy and oneness with nature.
  • Moments of prayer and meditation.
  • Moments where you asked for help and allowed same
  • Moments where you responded to your environment with verve and personal presence … and made a difference.
  • Moments of exceptional vulnerability.
  • Moments when — from your heart — you wept [the courage to care].
  • Moments when — from within your heart — you smiled to another.

(a) These are your intentions for this lifetime.
You will see how, what seemed like, mere fragments in time and the living of your life, were actually your soul at work — polishing, as an ongoing labor of love. Change is forever and so, then, is our growth, spirit tells us. That is why we must, have “loving allowance” for ourselves and others. (~ Dr. Peebles, et al).

(b) To best receive angels’ guidance, be as a child.
Play, pretend, surrender, respond, and externalize (write, paint, etc.).

Having first targeted a specific inquiry, see the pictures floating to the forefront. Images sent from your mind to your brain. Suspend intellectual concerns and personal fears as to what is real. Call upon the angels with focus, then follow the flow of pictures in your mind. [see Our Labor of Love — Living Straight from Your Shining Soul]

I look forward to responding to more of the posted questions and comments in Talk To An Angel — For Real? Part III, coming soon.

Love, Thomas