How to Take Your App to the Next Level
Alexis Fogel

Dear Alexis. Thanks for the effort you and your team made with Dashlane 4. It is a great update for a great app. But here are some shortcomings for Dashlane 4 forMac:

  • If I search “” I get about 200 results, if enter just “” I get 3 results. Basically, the more I add in the search, the more I find (the opposite of Google).
  • The “Password Changer” is not where it is shown in your screenshot (and nowhere else). I was so delighted when Techchrunch wrote about it today.

Also some advice: Your German website is written in poor German, starting with the use of the male article for both, a male (password manager) and female (wallet) noun in the headline. Some other translations are unlucky to the point that a reader will not understand the meaning and switch to the English site. If she or he only could. You deny users the right to read your homepage in the language of their choice (but you are fine with them switching to any language on subpages by replacing the 2-letter language folder name in the URL).

But generally a great product I am happy to be a premium user for some years to come.

Best, Thomas