Five Questions you may want to ask who #StandWithJNU

  1. What’s your actual stand on JNU incident?

It’s really unfortunate to have such an incident in prestigious university like JNU. There has to be thorough investigation and if Anti-India slogans had been shouted they shall be punished by the Hon. Court of Justice, but absolutely not by fanatic hooligans like OP Sharma and those lawyers

If we really look, more & more people started extending their solidarity for JNU only after these jingoist hooligans started attacking Students, Teachers & Journalists even inside court premises and inside jails multiple times. Mr Modi and Home Minister are so powerful leaders that with a single tweet they can control the whole situation, but then only if they really want to.

But then punish only if there were any anti-national slogans and call for breaking the nation. Dissenting with Govt Stand or Dissenting with Country’s Policies cannot be anti-national. We may also read The role of a university is to promote the clash of ideas

2. Are you a sympathizer of Afzal Guru?

Some of us ARE whereas some of us are NOT. But most of these sympathizing comes from the fact that India’s values reflects more in Reformative Punishments and not Retributive. If it was for retributive punishments, Saudi would have been a zero crime country.

Being a sympathizer doesn’t make you an Anti-National, It makes you more an Indian where we have been taught to hate the sin not the sinner by none other than Mahatma

And for a matter of fact: European Union passed a resolution in 2007 that ‘Abolition of Death Penalty’ a mandatory pre-requisite for any country for EU membership

3. Who are We and Who are They?

We: The Humanists, The Lefts, The Liberals, The Atheists, The Good Samaritans of every Religion, The Neutrals, The Thinkers, The Intellectuals, The Professors from 400 International Universities, The Journalists, The Common Man, Ex JNUites for that matter any person who has seen little glimpses of student politics during their college days.

And do were really think everyone do this just to topple a Govt with brutal majority in Parliament or to personally tarnish image of an average leader like Modi? or to make a ‘Pappu’ next PM?

They: The Modi-Bhakts, 70% are eccentric with their jingoism (ultra-patriotism) who are impatient to wait to understand the full version of the story. They are the ones who make Dadris, who make Nagaland Lynchings, Meerut Love-Jihad’s. Other 30% (out of blind admiration) want people not to be carried away by this ‘rare’ incidents

4. What are your latest thoughts?

Eccentrics are now coming up with a comparison of Patriotism Index on Soldiers vs Students with an intention to play with emotions. Soldiers protect our present and Students protect our future. We want both of them, we also want Govt to do course correction in JNU if there were some wrong doings.

But any comparison on patriotic level with Students & Soldiers are as stupid as that BJP MLA who counts number of used condoms in JNU premises.

5. Do you really LOVE Pakistan?

We do LOVE Pakistanis, just like we love Nepalis, Srilankans, Americans, French, Germans, Chinese for that matter for us entire world is a beautiful paradise TO LOVE, TO BE LOVED and TO CO-EXIST :) .

Jai Hind Jai Jagat (Mind the order)

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