There has to be Strong Collective Resolve against ‘Conservative Christian Preachers’ who spewing venom when Nepal rumbles after Earth Quake!

This is not yet-another made-up story by an anti-evangelist. You may look at my last name and relax. I don’t have any hidden intention to defame Christianity. You may even check my twitter handle @thomasjins and 4000+ tweets to validate my intentions.

I believe my last name comes also with a responsibility to dissent strongly against the fringe elements & fundamentalists in Christianity. I write this out of utter shame and anger!

When whole world united and rose above all barriers to offer helping-hand to Nepal Earth Quake victims, this is what certain section of ‘Christian Preachers’ spewed

And here are some deleted hate-tweets

I wonder what would be their explanations on Hurricanes and Earth-Quakes which hit United States and the severe unrest in Israel, Palestine & Syria, the very places where Jesus lived and preached.

Church and Christian Communities should show boldness to disown such fringe elements. They project your carpenter boss as severely punishing and cruel enough to kill even innocents if they don’t pray to Christ and read Bible. There’s a need to make it very clear to the world that they don’t represent Christianity. It’s not the Christianity you have embraced. There must be a strong collective resolve against these venom spewers.

For every unfortunate reason, our recent socio-political developments in India has made ‘Discussions-Around-Religion’ a national narrative. Previously national narrative used to be Development, Poverty alleviation, Unemployment etc. Unfortunately now Religion has taken the main stage. In such a pathetic situation we can’t afford to be silent towards these fringe elements. Luckily we have many people coming out from Hindu Community against Hindutva fundamentalism. On a similar way we desperately need more people from Christian community to revolt against Christian Fundamentalism.

Let’s Make No Mistakes, We need more Peace and Harmony in Earth than in the Heaven !!

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