I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

Congrats, you’ve started waking up and realising what is coming.

I’m bi. I’m also white, male and comfortable in my own body (cis is a stupid word). There is no shield, you will be torn apart. Those who are more oppressed make the rules. And you are pretty far back in the progressive stack. In their crusade for utter PC culture, you will be silenced and you will be made to worship and put others before your own needs.

You will be bullied by them for trying to have your own thoughts that goes against the group think, you will be bullied if you outright oppose. There is no reasoning at all, as has been stated plenty here by other comments. You will have no moral outcome, make a choice, and make your peace with it. If they brand you as a transphobe, wear it with pride, cloak yourself in the title like a crown, laugh at them, form your own community on a forum which caters to what it is you want, and keep the pc police completely out.

There will be those who will see eye to eye (Blaire White maybe), but many are so indoctrinated with the need to protect all emotions that walls are better than bridges.