Getting Google Reviews | Thomas Karas

Getting Google Reviews is a great way to help your local google listing. The more good reviews that are on your google listing can help benefit your ranking in the organic search. Your google listing is the first thing that people view even before they enter your website. Having credible reviews will give your visitors incentive to trust your website. Then they may inquire for your services that your business has to offer at that point.

These are restaurants in the local area in my location and these were the first results when I typed in “Restaurants waterbury ct”. These businesses show up in the three pack in the search. They typical sites that rank tend to rank better if your google my business listing has good reviews in these quantities.

These businesses go great distances to out compete their competition when it comes to their google my businesses. Businesses have physical signs outside their businesses to have people find their location. The more traffic of people you can have to view your sign on your business essentially can help your business be known in the area. The more eyes and that you have the more of a potential that someone will use your business. With your google my business, these views can be important. If you have a higher volume of views, the higher the chance of someone landing on your website. Google likes when sites are doing well and getting good quality traffic. If that happens it can help increase the amount of traffic viewing your listing.

Being active on your google my business and responding back to reviews is a must. Showing that your business cares about the reputation it has on google is a great habit to get into. Your online appearance is how to get your brand to be seen and know. Getting people to share their great experiences and thanking them for sharing them will help any business with their online presence.