Trolls Don’t Exist
Sedat Kapanoglu

I never understood what people mean by Troll. Are they people with fake accounts trying to make fun with others? or are they people who has only one purpose which is to spoil party for the sake of getting some attention? does it have a clear cut definition that we can apply to distinguish the normal ones from trolling ones? Your definition is “harmful act for sake of a response”. But what is harmful act? Who is getting harmed? the thing which can be offensive or provocative to some might be very normal and very real for me to express. For example, let’s say that I thought “all prophets are liars” and I elaborated this idea. Surely it would be provocative and offensive to some people. And surely there’d be some amount of people who think they get harmed because of their religious faith and live a shitty day because of what they read. And they’d think this is a troll guy doing this for a sake of response. In the real world, everyone wants a response. Everyone wants some attention. From the age that we are aware of ourselves to death, we just live in order to prove we exist.
I believe, the real problem regarding the internet social structure is not trolls at all. Once there was a friend of mine, and i’ve asked him his twitter account name. He has rejected to give me and said “I have a different persona there so, I just dont want it to disappear.” Was it really just a different persona that he has constructed to get some fun or was it totally him? The physical world is full of patterns that one must take into consideration in order not to get harmed, judged, isolated, alienated. We should not be offensive, we should be polite, we should not express our marginal ideas. Because it is way risky. There is risk of isolation, risk of getting the sack, risk of being on trial etc. We always expose ourself to auto-censorship. can we really tell a mom whose baby just born “your baby seems like my ass”? Even you think like that if you say that, you will be the anormal one. You should always be aware of how your acts will be perceived by the others. This creates an atmosphere of herd society in which reality is always sacrificed in return of being social-happy guy.. Are really people happy and social in general? or just are they trying to secure their comfort zone by getting into unreal, insincere acts? I never seen a guy not to smile in a job interview. Why do job-applicants try to smile in the interviews? Are they really enough comfortable to smile? Or opposite? So, the real life is a burden that we have created for the sake of everybody’s comfort zone. But, the irony is our identities and our ways to behave in the real life are in an optimist look, occasionaly fake. So is Facebook. There you cannot see unhappy people. Everyone is cheerful, powerful and many things but not in depression, not in unhappy mood. Everybody travels nice places taking photos, eats delicious meals taking photos, everybody’s startups doing well, they are very good at their jobs. They like and comment eachother in order to get the same from them. It is like a vicious circle , reproducing itself again and again for the sake of hurting reality. Their identities are real. The social environment sorrounding them are real, full of their “friends” and “family members”. But really are they real? Once I’ve read Mark Zuckerberg’s one of his quotes: “By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent” :) To be really transparent , you must be yourself. And marketing yourself has nothing to do with any kind of reality and so transparency. As it is in real life, what people try to do is in facebook to secure their comfort zone and marketing themselves by reflecting themselves as powerful, cheerful, so happy, succesful, beautiful, handsome. The point is life is already full of lies and insincere acts. To make the internet social structure similar to it will not help reality. Will not help the most interesting and provocative ideas to flourish. Everyone will be ironed out not in terms of equality but interms of boundary of thinking and acts. Everyone will be avarage. will be a part of herd society even in internet.