FBI Costume by Oya Costumes

The FBI, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is an important agency of the US Department of Justice that has jurisdiction of most crime-fighting agencies in the country. The FBI serves a dual role, both investigating crimes and serving as an intelligence agency. Programs within the FBI include counter terrorism, counter intelligence, cyber crime, info technology, forensics, security and more. Interestingly, the motto of the FBI stands for Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” which matches up with its three letter acronym. Plus, they are known for their instantly recognizable FBI costume that is worn when not undercover.

You’ll feel like you have a top-secret clearance in a FBI costume. Available in sizes to fit children and adults, you’ll be suiting up with authority wearing a fierce FBI costume. Bring order to your evening, be it a Halloween celebration or other party event, wearing a FBI costume. When you show up in a FBI costume friends start offering up unsolicited alibis!

A man’s FBI costume features a pair of black pants, a black shirt, topped with a black baseball cap emblazoned with the white letters of FBI and a shiny badge identifying your credentials. A black utility belt hooked up with all the gear needed out in the field such as a two-way radio, holster for mace, handcuffs or a phone is also a much needed piece of gear for a FBI costume. Of course, you’ll want an over-the-shoulder gun holster and a toy pistol to carry with your FBI costume for any unexpected confrontations. You may want to add a bullet-proof vest for your own safety.

Females can either choose to dress in a traditional FBI costume or a super sexy version of a FBI costume. This attention-getting women’s FBI costume features a long-sleeved leotard with cuffs, a zipper and other uniform detailing. A leather belt cinches in the waist and can tote any gear that you might want to attach to your FBI costume like cufflinks, night sticks and more. A baseball-style cap in black features the big white letters FBI so that everyone will know your one the scene. Accessorize this sexy FBI costume with fishnet stocking, a pair of fishnet stockings and any other appropriate props for a FBI costume. When you’re suited in a sexy FBI costume, any bad boy is sure to surrender to your sexy arms of the law. If the evening is chilly, top your sexy FBI costume with a long black trench coat.

Some famous fictional FBI agents that sometimes donned a FBI costume include female special agent Clarice Starling from “Silence of the Lambs” who was portrayed by actress Jodi Foster or Jack Malone from television’s “Without a Trace”. Another well-known character is Fox Mulder from the “X Files” played by David Duchoveny. This guy, suited up in his own style of FBI costume, was a special agent with the FBI who investigated cold cases that featured paranormal circumstances. These special agents didn’t usually wear an instantly recognizable FBI costume; instead they flashed a badge along with their everyday work clothing as a more “undercover” FBI costume.

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