This is the life we’ve chosen.

Iv been fairly new to my particular field. Defining this field comes with it’s own difficulties to be fair. I guess the term would be something like ‘Design-veloper’. Initially learning to code, patterns of design and architecture and learning some of the tools to facilitate the two previous.

The biggest thing that Iv learnt in this whole process has been to get comfortable with learning. To seek it. To be involved. Life is an evolving complex beast that is never dry. Learning your field must be a part of life. Of YOUR life.

For me this has been such an exciting part of diving into to the tech/design field. There is so much to learn. This has a dualism to it though that can both drive and intimidate.

For example. There are multitudes of people out there that know more than you do. You have a long way to go. However. There are so many sources to learn from! so much information for you to draw from.

The saying goes that you never want to be the best player in the band. You want to be the worst. Learning from everybody. If you can’t learn and grow in the situation you’re in. Move.

I know I’m probably being a little dramatic but excitement is such a big part of it!

I’m sure a lot of people are aware of Tim Ferris, author, podcast…er. He wrote a book called ‘The four hour chef’, which is a wonderfully deceiving title. The book is generally about learning how to learn. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to those who are looking for some strategy and inspiration.

So. Parting notes. Be interested. Be into shit. Be a part of whatever your field is learn and contribute. Be curious. Ask and endeavour to answer questions.

Learn. This is the life we’ve chosen.

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