My World Series of Poker Main Event story — Part 5

Here is my ticket to the 2006 WSOP. PokerStars has a breakfast for the players each morning. It’s almost getting exciting.

I arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday, so I’d have some time to settle in before playing on Day 1C, Sunday.

I drove from the SF Bay Area to Las Vegas leaving at 4am to beat the heat and try to get into Vegas around noon. I cut about 40 minutes off the predicted time for driving by averaging 71.1 mph. There are nice rest stops about every 90 minutes, so it was an easy drive…

The temperature in Bakersfield at 9am, when I stopped for gas at Costco ($3.07/gallon) was 100F. I obviously didn’t beat any heat.

When I got to the summit heading into Nevada there was a huge lightening storm right on the border.

I had about 60 lbs. of coins laying around the house, so I stopped at Primm, which is right on the CA/NV border and traded them in for $285, so that’s my playing around money if I need any. I had the coins in several plastic bins and then they dumped them into the coin counter, they also got a couple of random AA batteries. I’m hoping that I’ll be too busy to play around.

Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino

As part of my winning the PokerStars satellite tournament, I got 9 days at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino, so that’s where I headed.

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