My World Series of Poker Main Event story — Part 7

I’m really here at the World Series of Poker Main Event!

The 2006 World Series of Poker has begun. I checked it out Day 1A before the Penn & Teller show.

It’s after 12:30am and there are still 990 players left out of 2,138 and they have to get down to 800, so it’s going to be a late night. I’m going to bed really early on Saturday.

Lots of bad beat stories in the making

Here is what it looks like. I got to the Rio right as they were getting their dinner break and I basically got run over. There were so many spectators earlier, nobody could move, so hopefully, when I play on Sunday, the novelty will have diminished…

Hey Baby!

I had my first poker celebrity sighting — Scotty Nguyen. Currently, he’s got about 30,000 chips.

The Penn & Teller show was a lot of fun.. Not too much blood. Sitting in the front row was great and weird. They would come up to the front of the stage and look like giants, even Teller.

One major snafu — Pokerstars gave out logowear and anything with .com on it is banned from the WSOP and always has been, so now I guess I get another set of swag. Everyone today had a bunch of duct tape over the .com part of the logo. It looked very tacky and lame…

Tonight I ate at the Twisted Kilt pub in the Rio. So last night it was Irish and tonight it was Scottish… I guess I better head over to the Excalibur for dinner on Saturday night to make a complete British Isles circuit..

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