Paul Ryan and his Band of Ghouls

Paul Ryan and the rest of his band of ghouls are just so excited about repealing ObamaCare so they can give a bunch of greedy rich rashes a massive tax cut.

Call the GOP plan — Don’tCare.

Some people lost plans and had to change doctors. But millions are still alive because of Obamacare and that’s the most important thing.

Without Obamacare, after losing a job in 2007, I just didn’t lose insurance, I was denied getting any new insurance and with the massive recession, I was only able to get a job as a contractor with zero insurance. I was lucky to not have any major medical problems or I’d be either dead or dead broke. With insurance, a ambulance ride costs $50 — without insurance, it costs $2500. I know that from personal experience.

If you’ve ever seen the actual cost of visiting the emergency room because your foot slipped, you would know how much difference Obamacare has made for millions of hard working people. Some lost, but way, way more have benefited.

Now they are taking away medical insurance from millions (data shows that 45,000 americans were dying from just lack of medical insurance every year) just to give millionaires a massive tax break of 100s of millions of dollars, just so their next massive tax break for rich sponges is easier to pass.

The elected GOP just hates sick people, poor people and especially poor sick people.

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