Tesla Master Plan, Part Trois?

Tesla with its celebrity status as a company is certainly under close observation and seldom spared critique. Coming up with his Master Plan Part Deux, Elon has been faced with some critique around his less visionary plan going forward. He could not care less, however since valuation is also depending on the underlying story told, why not give it a spin and increase the fundamentals a bit more. So, here it comes my personal view on the Master Plan, Part Trois:

  • Sustainable energy system not only focus on solar, but incl. coordination of other sustainable energy concepts (e.g. thermal energy, tidal power) from generation, storage to distribution
  • Provider of mobility solutions beyond classical vehicle segments, rather differentiate by use cases (e.g. daily commute, inner city mobility, city to city, across countries, across planets). The Hyperloop fits nicely here and who said that airplanes cannot be revolutionized?
  • Safeguard humans not only during transportation, but also through machine automation and assistance systems during work activities
  • “Your car makes money for you.” Money? What an outdated, however necessary concept for now. Sustainability is depending on effective and efficient usage of resources. Therefore, drive utilization of assets through going away from ownership to real usage models.

Like to have a further spin on this? Getting enough like-minded comrades — Think Elon Musk School of Excellence to inspire a real movement. In case you want to go even further beyond, here is the ultimate tackled challenge … Solve the world’s sustainable expansion problem beyond earth. If you believe only part of this and you are an investor, you know what to do. If not, then I hope it was at least a bit of entertaining.

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