March 15, 2016

My co-worker became a friend after a couple years and sharing an office near the end. Just as I discovered the calming quality she had she retired. That quality was serenity. To this day I still struggle to replicate my friend’s ability to see through the storms I perceived and effect calming action.

My friend left me a card as a parting gift. She knew we’d rarely cross paths and wanted to help me with my inner struggle.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

It seems so easy- accept what cannot be changed. I have plenty of courage and a little wisdom. Courage can be a blinding quality of youth. Wisdom is that quality that the old gain, right?

Accounting has been my trade for nineteen years. Auditing has been a part of me for the more recent five years. Shows like Monk, Mentalist, Lie To Me, and Elementary appeal to my courage and wisdom calling for change. But serenity is lacking and I find myself…in trouble.

The first step to serenity is to develop habits that draw one nearer according to Meerabelle Dey with Huffington Post.

  • Keep the mind on course
  • Practice acceptance
  • Be kind to others
  • Drink carefully
  • Sleep enough
  • Read helpful books and watch the right tv and show
  • Keep clean
  • Spend a part of the day in silence
  • Spend time with the right people

A website that often provides me insights in challenging situations is Natalie Smith writes that serenity is simply accepting that the world won’t be perfect but is rather pretty darn good. It isn’t Natalie vs the world but Natalie vs Natalie when searching for peace. One can be themselves worst enemy it seems.

With habits changed and acceptance that my life is pretty darn good, I look to psychology as science. Therese Bochard with Psych Central writes about 6 steps to serenity when reciting the Serenity Prayer isn’t enough.

  • Go to a happy place
  • Avoid an unhappy place
  • Hunt down unrealistic expectations
  • Color in the zebra
  • Take baby steps
  • Rip the tags off — get in the game

It seems so simple now. Surrounding one’s self with good thoughts, places, and people begets good things. Perfectionism will never be attained as humans are imperfect. Coloring the black and white zebra shows that what’s right and wrong is a matter of perspective — ooo so many perspectives in the world — and Edison failed 10,000, or was it 100,000, times before making the light bulb. Taking small steps to achieve a goal is much more manageable then tackling the end in a short time. Keep trying. Lastly, getting into the game will net satisfying results versus sitting in the sidelines.

As I continue the search for serenity I suspect I’ll keep battling myself. The glass is half full. No, the glass isn’t full enough! I have the courage to face the resistance and effect change. Those with more wisdom tell me to seek serenity. But they see my courage and are afraid. Change is on the horizon. Keep telling yourself that…

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