StockMobi Trading App

April 19, 2016

Perusing the App Store for new trading apps is a hobby that nets me some nice apps to assist with trading gains. StockMobi is my latest find despite, surprisingly, the mainly lacking and poor reviews.

StockMobi offers the typical Watchlist, News, Markets view, and chart features of most apps. What makes it unique is the ticker cloud (not sure how derived), Industry menu on the Home screen, it’s varied News sources, and the many screeners available once a $6.99 premium fee is paid via iTunes. The premium fee also includes ad and pop up removal.

What follows is a quick walk through of the app after a few days of use.

Home Screen

StockMobi’s Home screen offers features such as a ticker scroll bar, stock cloud, industry tabs, ticker search, and many free ticker screeners (and more for the $6.99 premium fee). What sets the app apart from others is the screening ability with Premium unlocked. Many unique screeners from other mobile apps tried appear. The industry tabs that sort tickers as a watchlist by industry is another unique feature.


Developing a watchlist is key to any trading strategy. What StockMobi offers in this view that most other trading apps don’t is a list of chart view. The chart view really assists in quick identification of target possibilities depending on the trading strategy. StockMobi also tailors news according to tickers in the Watchlist, below the watchlist.

Ticker Research

Selecting a ticker from the Cloud, Ticker Search, or Watchlist shows the standard company research and charting that most trading apps offer. Clicking ‘show more’ shows more company statistics. I wish the entire view was populated as most of the stats show blank in any ticker researched (concern sent to Support). Still, there are a couple unique features in this research view. The first is the clean chart view and quick selection of periods and price display types, and advanced charting allows three indicators to be displayed before a landscaped chart becomes too cluttered. I wish the indicator and overlay selections could be saved. Last is the Discussion section below company stats that shows the latest Tweets. It’s been neat seeing my own tweets appearing quickly.


The Markets view isn’t anything special unfortunately. Many trading apps offer the markets, commodities, and currency snapshots but the ability to see charting in the main view is handy.


The News section is a great addition simply due to all of the varied sources available. StockMobi has also divided news into different categories as a user scrolls through. The Top Stories section alone allows substitution from many business news apps.


The More section is an interesting afterthought in my opinion. Besides the normal app developer links to help, social media, and about there’s curious links to a currency converter, mortgage converter, tip calculator and Stockschool that links a user to the non-US App Store. I’m hoping the reason for the tools shown in More will become apparent as I use the app more.


StockMobi offers enough unique features to keep me interested in its use for trading research and screening. Pros: many screeners, a chart view in Watchlist, varied news sources, and Discussion to track current tweets. Cons: the tickers glitch often as the app apparently tried to update every few seconds, the Watchlist keeps the default five tickers despite trying to remove and a few ticker glitches, and the company statistics section doesn’t shoe more than half of the available stats.

Here’s a YouTube video of a quick walk through (low quality). Not sure who the author is but the free version of the app with ads and pop ups is apparent.