Ways To Save Now

January 26, 2016

How can I save money today? Tomorrow? This week? This month? I’ve been searching for this elusive problem’s solution for my adult life. I call this a problem because every time I find a solution I just ignore it. It’s a fact that America is one of the lowest ranked saving cultures, but that can’t be my excuse any longer.

Compiled below is a list of ways to save money- now. To ignore the solutions to save is my problem but doesn’t have to be for others.

Make An Extra Loan Or Credit Card Payment

Boost Retirement Contributions X%

Cook Dinner At Home

Go To The Doctor

Go To Sleep Early

Invest More

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(Photos courtesy of bankrate.com, merillledge.com, abcnews.com, abacaswealth.com, triviasforlife.weebly.com, and exceltoday.com)

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