Why Good People Leave Large Tech Companies
Steve Blank

Thought experiment:

Did Steve Jobs ever put “people before process?” Is Apple not a “great company?” I am not sure I agree with any of the rhetoric in the quote:

Founders of great companies figure out how the(sic) keep their passion, but put people before process.

I am more inclined to go towards:

Founders of great companies tend to abuse their people, this happens even more noticeably as the companies grow.

Given all of your experience Steve Blank, don’t you suspect even a little that the second quote is more accurate than the first? If we don’t recognize the real issues at play, we will probably not be much help in leading founders and executives to new solutions, ones which are better for the business, better for employees, and better for consumers.

Note: I find the statement “people before process” itself highly suspect. It is very popular in the agile world and look at what a mess agile is in. Process is people interacting. We need much better guidelines.

Thanks for writing your piece. I really appreciate your work.


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