The problem is that our “relationship with technology” is such a wide ranging affair (no pun…
Colin Walker

I think, for many people 2016 has been a bit of an “Empire Strikes Back” moment. Han’s in the carbonite, the “bad guys” are swanning around on a victory lap, things haven’t quite gone the way they expected and well… it all seems a bit “unfair” given the work they’ve put in. The reaction to that can be extreme and as you say, it’s easy to lay blame everywhere but ourselves.

It’s a classic moment of “asymmetry” and if you find yourself at a loss, the solution is to regroup, “learn the ways of the force” and come back stronger. In a way the Brexit/Trump stuff is a good example. People using the available tools (voting) to get what they wanted. What you need to do is to use the tools at hand to get what you want as well.