Meetings and Demos — another day at work


My workday started really early as I took the train to Stockholm at 05:30. I enjoy the morning ride. I get to listen to music, read some newspapers (on the sites that do nat have a Paywall…) and work.

Still on my way I joined the Staff Scrum we run on a daily basis at 08:45. Having read through the Daily Check-ins from my team, I came prepared and could focus on the pressing matters of the day. Over the course of the last few days, we’ve had a miscommunication issue in the Senior Cohort and the situation has not improved. On the contrary. One of our students is quite unhappy and we decided to set up a separate meeting to formulate some action point on how to dal with that situation.

At the office, the entire team gathered in a Meet to talk this through. We were able to come up with a strategy and delegated the action points. It’s important that we all monitor the situation closely in the upcoming days.

At 10:00 we held our weekly Coach Meeting to plan the upcoming two weeks in detail. We are approaching the Final Project weeks so a lot of the discussions was about the project the student will be working on. This time around the cohort chose to continue to work on the application they created for the Mid Course Project called Food Hub. A decision that we support. We formulated a strategy on how we can support them in their endeavor and created a list of talks and demos we think are necessary for them to hear in order to get the skills necessary to be able to deliver a good solution and learn as many valuable skills along the way. That list was later presented to the cohort by Sophie with a request to add/remove anything, but also to prioritize it.

We also discussed the upcoming start of the Summer Camp. We have a small cohort starting on Monday and we needed to go over Day One activities and decide on who’s doing what.

Finally, I briefed the team on the upcoming organizational changes and we talked about how to handle the transission in the best possible way. We are all sad that Raoul will be leaving Craft Academy but we are also quite confident that we will be able to fill the void.

After the Coach Meeting, me and Magnús got together to take a shot at the Elasticsearch testing. It’s a bit of a mess. and we really need to get unfucked. We were in a state where running our test suite on a Linux based host was all good, but OsX was failing. Long story short: at the end of our session, we had the opposite happening. It’s a two-steps-forward-one-step-back kind of a mess

In the afternoon, I delivered the BMI Challenge demo to the Preppers and got to use the E2E Training Wheels NMP package we created to simplify the test environment. It was the first time we used that solution but it worked out pretty well IMO so we’ll incorporate this as a permanent solution. As I did the demo, I jotted down some action points on how we can improve the setup and the course documentation. I went in and did the edits directly in the LMS so we need Sophie to port them to the Prep Course repository and get everything synced and under version control.

Finally, me and Sophie met up with Albert — a potential student for the August cohort, and interviewed him. It’s always inspiring to work with students, hear their stories and goals, and talk about how Craft can be part of their path.

We got word back from our corporate client about the scope of the training project. They are still in the process of deciding how many students from each country they want to send to us so there’s another round of meetings before we get the final approval.

Today — Friday

I will be traveling back to Gothenburg. The usual taks are on my TODO for the day:

  • Staff and Studend Scrum


Nothing in particular.

Quote of the day

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