Revolution — a poem.

A body you fit,
your own, born.
like that,
just that.

for that, to some;

the skin; the lines; the angles; the curves; the hair;

the idea; the perception; the expectation; the category;

Doesn’t fit.

Stranger in the mirror.

A great student never graduates.
Success is their amnesia.

Indulge in a revolutions surprise;

A pain severe enough to beckon,

Chaos; Anarchy; Fear;

“Help us!”

An unknown pain? Indulge.

An unknown need? Indulge.

For today is your back yard,

and tomorrow is a stranger.

Trade fear of empowered ‘others’
for gratitude yours is already intact.
Exchange protests for ‘her experience’
with grace for that which you were spared.
Dismiss self protection’s hesitation,
and invite her sister: courage; for dinner.
Forfeit a clutching past,
for an evolved future.
Get to know what stranger remains in the mirror.

A great student never graduates.

Success is their amnesia.