I’m not for a moment suggesting that we do away with guns, or deny law-abiding citizens the right…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

We can agree on this. I think that is the overarching goal. We Do need to do more to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys. Since there are more than 360,000,000 firearms in the United States I don’t think there is much to do with the current stash. My question is if you don’t want to deny law-abiding citizens their right to have a gun isn’t that sort of in opposition to that you don’t believe that more guns will make us more safe? Law abiding citizens will continue to buy guns ergo there Will Be more guns.

I think your argument is that you don’t want law abiding citizens to be able to carry their guns with them — is that right? If that is the case only the criminals (who will Not follow any law) will carry guns and any law abiding citizen will be at a distinct disadvantage. You aren’t going to and Can’t stop criminals from getting or using firearms.

Sad thing here. Keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys will probably entail Real prison sentences for people who use them unlawfully. The problem here is that there is an outcry about the disproportionate number of black men who are locked up. In 2015 I believe that there were something like 11,600 firearm homicides in the U.S. and 6,600 (What? 60% or so?) of those homicides were Of black men By black men.

What do you propose as an answer?

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