The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

With the heavy-hitter marketing firms companies like Heineken work with, I’m thinking they had a general understanding for the range of reactions it would produce. And what excellent, awful learning curves companies like Pepsi provide? But you must have had coffee or something else working her nerves in addition to writing this piece. Sure some of our peeps had to be the bearers of reality and blast past the opening red meat gimme’s. But that’s really more the larger point. People have stopped talking to each other. They pause and retreat from each other the instant they discover any opposite viewpoint, regardless of what it is. It happens in both directions. This election more than any other tore families at the seams. I think your immediate recoiling reaction to a climate denier is disingenuous. Had you been one of the people in that venue, there is no way the journalist in you could have allowed such a moment to be so quickly dismissed. And while I’m uncertain if you’re an east coast native, one thing I feel reasonably certain about is that you understand a common experience we all share regardless of race: the experience of continuing to maintain and treasure relationships with our parents and/or others from their generation — even those with whom we completely disagree. Because something transcends the differences. And that something is love. And those can be some fairly divergent opinions from our own. Yet we work through that to see who they are, because we love them. And after working through some of those epic battles we’re supposed to fly into a rage in reaction over some climate-denying guy. That’s what you missed — the take-away was not intended to be hearts and minds, but voices and ears.

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