How to Do Zoom In On A Hp Laptop

The laptop and computers manufactured by Hp are focused mainly towards the business and enterprise users. The process of zooming in on the Hp is same as in the other computers or laptops. Not only you can zoom in on a webpage but, in on anything displayed on the screen with the help of the Magnifier utility.

To zoom any of the web page or any other thing in the laptop, you need to go through some easy steps given by HP customer support UK for the users.

Step 1-Firstly, Navigate to the web page you want to view.

Step 2-Press and hold the “Ctrl” key and then use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. If you are not having a mouse you can zoom in and out with the help of the keyboard keys too. To zoom the screen of your laptop with the keyboard, you need to press and hold the “Ctrl” key and then, press the “+” button to zoom in and “-” button to zoom out.

Here are some steps to zoom in on anything using Magnifier.

Step 1-Click “Start” and type “Magnifier” in the search box provided below and press “Enter.”

Step 2-Now you have to move the magnifier window over the area of the screen you want to magnify or zoom in.

Step 3-Press the“+”button and“-” button on the magnifier to zoom in or out as required. You can change the settings for the magnifier by going to the preferred setting from the drop-down box labeled as “views.”

So, these quick and easy steps will allow you to zoom web pages while using the internet. If you are having issues while using the zoom option on your laptop, you can contact the HP Laptop Support Number 0800 090 3837.Not only the issues related to zoom but if you have any problem related to your HP laptop,you can take the help from their tech support team.



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