The most powerful answer

Our being in the world is like always looking for an answer.
When we are confronted with a problem, we are looking for solutions, it happens automatically, if a question occurs, there must be an answer.

But be aware!

An answer is always the end of a search.
You found it, you got it, the search is over.
Happy you!?

In mathematics, answers seem to work fine.
2 x 2 = 4 
Thats right, isn’ t it?
Why is “4” the right answer?

Hey you! 
You think, this is a stupid question?
Because everybody knows that 2 x 2 =4?
It’s obvious that it is so!
It’s logical!
Take two eggs and two more eggs and what you’ve got is four eggs!!
That’s the way it is, that is the answer!!!
I must be an idiot to ask such a silly question!

But let’s get a little deeper under the surface:

Did you ever asked yourself, why we say that 
2 x 2 = 4 ?
Why isn’t it like 2 x 2 =5 ?

O.K., you can pretend that this one is a very stupid question,
not worthy to think about, because everybody knows it’s wrong.
When you end up like this, just stop reading this article and don’t waste your time with stupid questions like these.

But maybe you are willing to take a look at the answer to my stupid question.

I bet, you do!! Because human beeings are always looking for answers, no matter how stupid the question is!

Here we go:
What is “2” ?
Is it “2 x 2” or “ 1 + 3” or “6 - 2” ? or fill in the endless blank….
Yes, it’s all of that, but what is “2”? I mean really, what is “2”???

“2” is a number.
What is a number?
A number is a definition.
What is a “definition”?
A definition is something, that is considered to be so?
Who considered it to be so?
Maybe Human beeings?

What is a “Human beeing”?

You got it?

A question Always leads you to another question!!
There is no answer out there, never!!
The purpose of answers is to make you feel comfortable for a very short time in your life. And if you pretend that you have found the right answer, you will live your life in defending your answers against others.
Your answers will become your “opinions” and your “truths”, your “beliefs”.

To defend your opinions against others will leave you with something I like to call “war”. The more opinions (and opinions are answers) you have, the more you will be dissatisfied in your life,
and please, do not understand this as an answer
it is not an answer!! not an answer!!!
It’s only my experience.

Maybe, just maybe, all we can we say about life, that it is a great mistery.

To ask a question and just be with it as a question not looking for an answer, can provide aliveness, vitality and power.
Children live that way, they always ask why, why, why? And everybody who has children knows that they do NOT STOP ASKING!

The most powerful answer to a question is a new question.

Thanks for reading and sorry for some mistakes that you maybe have found, i’m not native english speaking

to a question is a question.