The Grind Continues…

Our group is still considering taking a look into fountain systems and dealing with concentrations and flow rate. We are a little unsure how we are going to implement this plan. We are also thinking of finding a car acceleration through linear equations. Our group is meeting up as a group later to discuss a plan and more or less finalize a decision.

We have other ideas, but that’s one of the main ones that has stuck out for now. If anyone has an idea or tips on what directions would be good to pursue, or just have good ideas for a project proposal in general, let me know. I’m open to any suggestions and questions in the comments below.


We decided to stick to doing a fair. We are trying to optimize cash flow, by manipulating ticket price and seeing how many people will come in. If successful, this would be a helpful use of linear systems to practice business transactions in a real world-like scenario.