Current teaching trades for Options Coaching as on 24th May 2017.

Filled trades for 240517 and current pending take profit trades orders.

Current teaching trades for Iron Condor options strategies — 24th May 2017.

Summaries of trades:

Fixed capital of $500 or $250 for each trades

TARGET Profit over Maximum TOTAL Loss range from 10% to 175% returns.

Duration of the trades: 3 days to 2 months depending on different strategies used.

These options Trades covers the following underlying: 
 Crude Oil — Futures /CL
 Euro — Futures /6E
 Gold — Futures /GC

US shares — PCLN & GME (@ trade -$250 capital)

Summaries of trading strategies:

This is style of Iron — Condor as structured as Multi Directional Credit Fixed Risk Trades

OPTION PREMIUM ANALYSIS methodologies were used to structure these trades.

NO charts — Patterns — Indicators was used.

5 minutes to FIND and Structure each trade.

Credit Trades are trades that the trader will receive money up front upon opening.

Multi Directional are trades that are profitable whether underlying go Bullish — Sideway — Bearish as long the underlying stay within markets expectations.

Fixed RISK trades’ means $500 is your total maximum losses, even the underlying go up by 100% or drop to zero.

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