So this is my first draft for writng something. Be it a book, article, thesis, or simple opinion im writung!

What could be done if every day i lived? This is the question im going to write about. It kinda seems like a no brainer. We are alive , yes. But what does “lived “ mean?

In this “lived” is past tense. So then yesterday did i live that day? No. I got a lot done . yes. But i lived that day for someone else.

We are told what a good life is. What job to do. When you can afford a house in a certin area then you are a success.

Is it horrible? I dont think it is myself. But if we arent aware that this is told to us and we hardly question it. Some take these ideas and jump into competition to be a better society piece than others.

This doesnt lead to living and growing in my opinion. And doesn’t qualify for me that I lived yesterday or last year.

My answer involves another question. How much of ourselves me can see in our world, or environment is my yardsticks to answer was i living, did i live!

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