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This is the first time I have ever commented on a forum, however I want to thank you for a terrific article that encapsulated my own feelings and my distain for journalism which I once held in high regard. I am part of a group that I sometimes wonder even exists anymore, a moderate that sees both sides of most political discussions as having merit. I wish there was a place I go to find a balanced approach rather than just slanted journalism pandering to their specific audience. It is hard to find unbiased journalism anymore without reading separate sources and articles.

The danger to me is that journalism has become so little about integrity these days and so much about ratings. Creating Trump in the early primary season was a ratings boost that the media was only glad to latch onto. Trump was in the main a joke candidate that was then elevated as a media creation. Destroying Trump now and castigating his supporters being bigoted or at best misinformed or ignorant, is the new ratings boost. Whoever can put down Trump and his supporters the most effectively is rewarded with the highest ratings in the mainstream media. At the same time, Fox is more than happy to have a media monopoly on 40% of the population who supports Trump’s views.

Journalism used to play a key role as gatekeepers for educating the public and encouraging reasonable thought. They are now a big part of the problem in promoting divisiveness in its ugliest forms, because having the two sides hate each other is good for ratings. There are exceptions, but in the main I have lost my respect for journalism, and only fear for the even more divisive direction we are heading.


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