Why You Need To Watch The WWDC 2016

The WWDC2016 Invite

If you don’t know what WWDC is and you’re in the mobile app development space then it’s something you need to tune into.

The World Wide Developer Conference is an annual event that focuses on updating apple developers on new products and software.

Historically, Apple has held this conference to launch and showcase new products and software. The conference always generates a lot of buzz around the internet and here’s why you need to watch it:

1. Learn About New Hardware & Software

This is THE event of the year for everyone in the app development space. Whether you are developing for iOS (iPhone and iPad), TvOs or WatchOs, WWDC is usually the single source of truth for the year. Apple has used it to launch new iPhones and iPads, but most of the time they use it to launch new software updates. Back at the last WWDC in September ’15, Apple launched 3D touch which got minds racing as to how we could all leverage it.

Also if you’re lucky enough to go along, you can take part in training with new hardware and software as well as awesome workshops on all things Apple.

2. Time Your New Launches To Hack Extra PR

With events like this, there are additional consumers browsing and reading than usual. Try tying in an update or piggybacking off a relevant trending hashtag. Usually the media is looking for companies that plan on leveraging newly announced features. This could be a great way to grab a slice of the PR action.

3. Start planning for new features early

Now that you’ve learned about all the cool new things you can do with the software or new devices, it’s time to start planning. Can you rapidly develop an app or push an update for your existing app? Think about how you can leverage the new tech even if it is just for the free PR. There are thousands of posts, blogs and traditional media articles on “X app uses X new feature to do X”. Tech media are always waiting to see who can realise an update the quickest.

Now that you’re all keen to see it, here’s how you can watch it. First of all, mark June 13 to June 17 in your calendar, because that’s when the conference is happening.

If you can I’d suggest going to the event in person; it’s in San Fransisco and tickets are US$1,599. You can purchase tickets here.

Watch the live stream of the event. You can watch on the WWDC app or online on a mac here.

Finally if you can’t make it or get up early in your timezone, stay tuned for Appster’s articles about what was announced and how it affects you.

This article was originally published on the Appster Blog

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