Start using Clouds !

Years ago, I was thinking AWS, Rackspace and other cloud technologies were complicated, and I was true.

In fact, the complicated parts of those clouds are How they are working, and How can I use them ?

How they are working

For the major part of projects you will deal with, the How there are working question is not so important. The only thing you have to worry about is Is my application working well ?.

So, drop the first question until you feel comfortable about how to use clouds. You don’t need to understand what’s behind for basic usage.

How can I use Clouds

This is the real question, because the major part of your job will be to manage cloud components with one goal : Make your application alive.

But like traditional dedicated infrastructures, there are many different ways to achieve this goal. For people afraid to start using Clouds, try the dummy approach, for others, discover all available components.

The dummy approach

If you are used to rent dedicated servers, do it the same way. Create a virtual machine and install softwares on it. That’s it.

This way, Clouds are offering you an infrastructure, and you are responsible to manage what’s inside the box, don’t worry about anything else.

Discover all available components

The real advantage about Clouds are : offered services. To discover which components are available, grab a coffee and browse AWS and Rackspace documentations. Each component offer a dedicated managed service, like RDBMS, Infinite Storage, Key / Value and so many.

And because providers are responsible for the availability of services, you can drop them from your Virtual Machine and start using Software as a Service. But remember, you are responsible of how you use them.

To be honest, in many cases you are dealing with input / output through an API. This API can be consumed directly or via a SDK written in your programming language.

Long way long

Do not try to understand everything in one shot. Try Clouds and learn by experience.

When I said that Clouds are complicated, I was wrong. I said that because I am complicated, and I always try understand what’s behind everything that I’m doing and what are the impacts, which leads to a brain-out.

Do not avoid Clouds

Clouds are a big part of today solutions and I’m sure they will for a long time.

Businesses are and will be impacted by Clouds. To me, for a web-worker that tends to be competitive, Clouds must be fully-understood. More generally, I think that every technicians must know about it, and not just the ones working with web technologies.

Originally published at on March 6, 2015.