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Shaders everyday, or the importance of training.

Use it or Lose it.
It’s like everything else. If you don’t use a muscle, atrophy will arise.
The same happens with shader development in particular and programming in general.

That’s why I started my everyday GLSL series in Intagram. That’s the platform I choose to publish everyday -for one year long- a sketch created in TouchDesigner and writen in GL shader language.

The rules were simple:

- Only GLSL.
- Write everyday from 10 min to half an hour.
- Build up on the work of yesterday but start from scratch every once in a while.

During the whole 2018 I shared my eyecandy with a few followers.
I started very simple, just a couple of sine waves.

Through the months I grew in complexity.

At some point I got into RayMarching:

The key was to just try everyday.

What I leaned about myself in this process:

- Starting is the hardest part.
- Keeping up a routine is easy, but requires discipline.
- Discipline can’t be learned from a medium post, it has to be trained.
- Training becomes fun quickly and gives structure to my daily rythm.

My advice is then: just Start!
Don’t wait for the right moment, for the right direction, for the right idea. Just start your training and it will led you to uncharted territories really quick.

The exposure I got with the shaders made me busy at work, so I took a pause in 2019.

2020 started looking really good, then the world got weird.
I had the feeling that there was enough anxiety out there, so I decided to pause the year also in my social media output.
Now I’m getting back to my routines, to my practices and it feels good.